Hello blog world!

My first post! I’ve been following blogs for a while now and have been feeling the itch to start my own. I’m still getting the hang of things around here, so bear with me.

My name is Sara and I’m a dental hygienist living in Columbus, Ohio. I’m a Buckeye born and bred! I went to THE Ohio State University and graduated in 2011. Ever since I was a little girl I can vividly remember long shopping trips with my mom, and always having a huge closet stuffed to the brim! My friends always make fun of my clothing obsession, but it’s a huge part of who I am.

Here are a few faces and obsessions of mine you’ll be seeing around here:

  • Like I said, I’m a Buckeye since birth and love attending football games at the Shoe. You’ll see more of these posts around football season!IMG_1871
  • Those girls up there ^^ are my best friends. And they are both named Britt! Brittney and Britt are what I’ll refer to them as. 
  • A face you’ll be seeing a lot around here is this goofy one – my boyfriend’s boxer, Mack! He is hilarious and I only hate him when he eats something important of mine. Plus he loves dressing up as much as I do!


  • Speaking of my boyfriend, here he is! His name is Bryan and we’ve been together almost two years now.


  • Other obsessions of mine: shopping (obviously), watching way too many tv shows, reading, country music, concerts, coffee, frozen yogurt, watching YouTube videos and reading blogs, makeup and beauty products, and working out. I’m still working on the healthy eating part 🙂 

    Until next time!


    Sara orange (1)


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